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Mortonís Pharmacy Generic Drug Program

Our program allows you to receive a six to a twelve month supply of over 60 generic medications with prices starting at $37 for six months and $70 for twelve months. To add to the potential savings, some drugs start as low as $26 for six months. Typical insurance copays for generic medication can be anywhere from $10-$20 a month. Someone that has a $15 copay can save $180 a year by buying one medication through our program. If you insurance forces you to use a mail order pharmacy this program can also be a benefit. Not only can you get your medication from a local pharmacy but also experience a cost savings.

What about those $4 plans at the big stores?

While those $4 list may appear to be a great deal, if you look closely their list are ever shrinking. Many of the drugs on their list are older drugs that may no longer be the choice of therapeutic recommendations. Those list are mostly ploys to get people in the door. Get a prescription for something off those lists and watch out. Many of the drugs on our list are not on their list. These are the drugs they charge more for a month then we charge for 6 months.



Morton's Generic Drug Program

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